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October 23, 2012 Leave a comment


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cover more ground (ricoh grd2)

one night i decided to try to shoot street from a bus…at night. you’re at the mercy of where the bus decides to stop (in manila, there are no definite bus stops. they can load or unload passengers pretty much anywhere) and traffic conditions. here are a few images from a 20min bus ride from glorietta to megamall.




ricoh gr digital 2 post 2

here are a few snaps from a short train ride and walk from ortigas to makati.



first night out (ricoh grd II)

people following me on my tumblr probably already know i borrowed a ricoh grd II. i needed it just in case i get “busted” for using a dslr in some locations around the metro. i needed someting wide, i feel the 35mm equivalent on my G9 just wont cut it.

i went for a short walk at night around my neighborhood and brought along the well acclaimed grd2 with me to get me familiarized with the camera.


bought pandesal before goin home. took a photo of the shop’s pugon.

not fresh off the oven as i wanted em pandesals to be, but still nice and soft.

super moon was up that sunday night.

i love how the ricoh’s on board black & white mode. i almost entirely shoot with this camera in black and white with the ev comensation at around -1 to -1.7.

here’s her portrait taken with the G9

i have tons of photos to post soon 🙂


holy week blues?

i was out on my balcony just minutes ago and spotted this young lady drinking alone on the sidewalk.. you can tell she’s going through something tonight.


yellow (film)

October 10, 2011 Leave a comment

the first photo is from the smena 8m and the rest are from the olympus mju


random black and whites (olympus 35ED)

September 7, 2011 1 comment

here are a few frames i shot off from my 35ED right before i transferred and finished off the roll to my kiev (those photos will be on the next 2 posts.)

fuji neopan 400