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dont know how that spam post came here but ive already deleted it. i apologize.
also ive been really quiet here lately.. just cant be bothered to post :/ soon i promise.

for the meantime im on instagram: bdeleon

bagong luma

January 31, 2012 1 comment

yay for hand me downs! an uncle gave me this beaut. my old powershot A610 can finally retire.


last roll…

i’m down to my last roll of film, i can’t decide between the slr and rangefinder to get this sweet kodak bw400 cn roll…

i still have 4rolls of film that are still not been developed yet.. talk about lazy. i cant even remember which rolls i used with which camera (stupid)

early christmas

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

my friends are awesome! i’ve been receiving gadgets and its not even christmas yet!!!

gift 1.  smartbro broadband kit! i used to use my other phone for my “on the go” internet but i got rid of it.. i couldn’t last 3hrs on the net w/o my phone’s batt dying on me. i’ve been planning on getting one of these myself.

gift 2.  this is so great for travelers, its a balanzza digital luggage scale! (its also an alarm clock and flashlight). no more guessing how much my luggage weighs 😀  anyone who wants one hit me up on the comments box i can help you get one (my friend is the distributor here in the philippines).

gift 3. im loving this… zumreed headphones! i can use it as a prop on shoots, i think its really photogenic. i hope it sounds as good as it looks… it should :p

thanks again guys!! love u all 🙂 merry christmas!!

power of the peso…

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment

…or the lack of it.  over the years the peso has lost its physical size and its monetary value. a few decades ago it was worth it to throw someone a one peso coin because you’ll know it’ll hurt that person. but lately i’ll just keep my peso just because it wont make someone say “ouch” :p


random images’ new home!!!

here’s where my failed project 365 lives now. so update your RSS feeds to:

click click click

what’s a post without a picture 😀