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ricoh gr digital 2 post 2

here are a few snaps from a short train ride and walk from ortigas to makati.




first night out (ricoh grd II)

people following me on my tumblr probably already know i borrowed a ricoh grd II. i needed it just in case i get “busted” for using a dslr in some locations around the metro. i needed someting wide, i feel the 35mm equivalent on my G9 just wont cut it.

i went for a short walk at night around my neighborhood and brought along the well acclaimed grd2 with me to get me familiarized with the camera.


bought pandesal before goin home. took a photo of the shop’s pugon.

not fresh off the oven as i wanted em pandesals to be, but still nice and soft.

super moon was up that sunday night.

i love how the ricoh’s on board black & white mode. i almost entirely shoot with this camera in black and white with the ev comensation at around -1 to -1.7.

here’s her portrait taken with the G9

i have tons of photos to post soon 🙂


dive: apo island in black and white

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

i would definitely go back…

sony cybershot t3


just another day at the beach 3 (400D)

October 2, 2011 Leave a comment

just a few photographs from the dslr. click on a image for a bigger picture.


(on film: post 1 here, and post 2 here)

follow me on tumblr

April 19, 2010 2 comments

ive been away for quite sometime from this blog, but i have been posting random stuff on my tumblr aka my failed 365 project.