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test roll: Zorki 4

*a couple of months ago i posted my “newest” cameras (here). i’ve gotten the test rolls weeks back but i haven’t blogged about em yet here. but i have posted the test shots on my tumblr.

zorki 4:  this is the oldest camera in the group and i believe the oldest amongst all my cameras (made in 1968). it came with a industar-61 52mm 2.8 lens. the zorki 4 is fast becoming my favorite because its just so easy to use. every control on it work so smoothly. one thing i hate about it though, is that this body does not have the lugs for the strap. good thing i have a wrist strap that attaches to the tripod socket lying around. the zorki is pretty hard to hold, its hefty and i feel much comfortable using it w/ a strap.

now on to the photos. i used a ferrania 200 film.

the rest of the zorki 4 photos are posted here

next up: test roll: Kiev 4AM

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