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misibis bay, we meet again..

sorry for the late post.. a bit of work got in the way and my computer is kinda hating me lately.

last year, me and a couple of friends joined me to check out misibis bay. the resort was very very new that time, some rooms and buildings were still under completion and the place was unknown to alot of people. 3 of us and a couple from the united states were the only guests at that time. (check out my old posts here and here).

early this month i came back to misibis bay, with a different set of friends. it started out the same as my last trip, jump off point at hotel venezia. as we arrived, it also felt the same, buildings were familiar, the smell of the resort, the room and its amenities haven’t changed, the friendly staff are still as attentive.. but as our stay progresses i slowly notice the differences, there are more guests now, some celebreties, some foreign tourists. they offer more activities now like scuba diving, and segway rides. i didnt see those inflatables rafts on the lagoon and that big trampoline on the beach (i never asked where they were). the biggest difference that i noticed was their food and drinks are alot better now.

… i’ll stop talking now. photos:

1st photo taken with my iphone

the rest are from the 400D:

i just had to take a picture of the beach front villa where i stayed the last time

here’s where i stayed this time..

to be continued…

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