mobile modem

woohoo! im blogging using my new phone as my modem via bluetooth! i’ve been trying this out for days and i couldnt figure it out. i’ve read forums, websites* etc on how to do it and have consistently failed.  but today the not so reliable wifi here at the podium is down, so i decided to give it a shot one more time. but this time i decided to let it connect automatically ( i used to do this manually, the long way). i find it funny because it was this simple!!! i love how apple makes things so simple for me. i hate doin this techy stuff  lol!

P10/30mins for this service.. not bad eh? beats the P100/hr they charge for those prepaid wireless they sell here in malls.

*no links on where ive read the “how-to’s” (too lazy to find em) but just google it!


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  1. December 17, 2009 at 12:20 AM

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