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yashica electro 35 gs

i got this yesterday, christmas afternoon from my uncle. it was gritty and dirty (not that a little tlc couldnt help). but i noticed some fungus growth inside the viewfinder window and inside the lens 😦 im gonna get it cleaned soon and hope to find batteries for this baby. cant wait to use it!

ive been wanting to have a working rangefinder and i couldnt believe my uncle got this in storage.. good thing i got to bring up a conversation about film cameras during our traditional christmas eve dinner w/ the clan.

here’s some info on the camera.








  1. January 13, 2009 at 10:27 PM

    Love it, it’s my favourite camera. So quiet when your out in the street. If you can get one with a bright RF patch your sorted!
    I’ve got 2 (going to sell one) and I love them. I think when I go on my hols later this year i’m going to use just that.

    ~Run some high quality colour film through it and just see how nice it looks on the contrast and bokeh, alternatively use black and white film 🙂

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