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new battery!!

my notebook’s been having battery issues for quite sometime now so i brought it to powermac in megamall (w/c now i regret) to have it checked. they declared it to be faulty so i ask them to check if my battery was part of the battery recall apple had announced. they said my battery wasnt part of it so they were selling me a new one. but i declined to buy it just yet and tried to call apple’s 1-800 number. i told them what the problems were and they gave me a case number and said they’ll replace my battery even though its out of warranty. yipee…so i immediately went back to megamall to order the replacement. they said itll take 2-4wks (wtf??), so fine i was thinking they were just giving the worse case scenario. i call them once in awhile to ask if it has arrived.. not yet.

2weeks.. 3weeks later. a month later i called powermac up again. they said a shipment just arrived and theyll call me back if my battery was there.  half a hour later my phone rings, its powermac, they said they havent received confirmation from apple about my replacement battery (wtf?? impossible!) so ive had it.. i called the 1-800 number again and told them the situation.. they told me that i can have my battery immediately. after a few calls to powermac megamall and san juan they finally said i can have the battery in a couple of hours. i went there and got my replacement battery immediately.

so wtf was powermac’s excuses that they were telling me earlier?? why would they let me waste 4weeks?? i just dont get it… that’s the last time ill go there.

but thanks apple for my new battery and f*ck you powermac.


here’s my 2yr old macbook (turns 2 in dec.’08).. its bottom is really scratched up and dirty (i dont care.. nobody sees em anyway).

i guess w/ this new battery i can hold on to this baby for a couple more years.. the new macbooks are sweet though.

  1. allan
    November 18, 2008 at 10:50 AM

    hey there. i’m a friend of krisha and jake’s… krisha actually referred me to your website when i mentioned that i was having problems with my macbooks battery. if its ok with you, can i ask what your battery’s problems were? I tried calling the 1800 number and they said that they wont be able to replace my bettery bec it was already out of warranty. the new batteries are so expensive arggh….

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